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Schedule of Service Charges and Fees

Money Orders  
Maximum amount $500.00
Charge per Money Order $5.00
Bank Checks (savings customers only) $10.00
Research Fee (per hour) $25.00
Wire Transfers Domestic (outgoing) $25.00
Wire Transfers Foreign (outgoing) $45.00
Wire Transfers (incoming) $12.00
Lost Passbook Fee $10.00
Escheat Fee $50.00
Liens/Levies $100.00
Deposit Certification Letters $35.00
Foreign Collections (per item) $35.00
Stop Payments  
Teller Checks $28.00
Money Orders $28.00

Checking Account Service Charges

Bank Check $10.00
Certified Checks $15.00
Stop-Payment Orders $30.00
Insufficient/Uncollected Returned Item $32.00
This fee applies to overdrafts created by check, in person withdrawals, ATM withdrawals or other electronic means.
This fee will be imposed for each occurrence even if the item or transaction has already been presented and returned.
Deposited/Cashed Checks Returned $10.00
Copy of Statements – 1st request N/C
Thereafter (per item) $5.00
Special Statement $5.00
Photocopy of Item (draft or deposit slip)  
1st Request N/C
Thereafter (per item) $5.00
Maximum Cost $50.00
Reconcilement of Account (per hour) $25.00
Telephone Banking Facsimile Fee $2.00

Automatic Teller Machine

Transactions at GSL Machines N/C
Transactions at Non-GSL Machines – Deposits, Withdrawals, Inquiries (per item) $1.00
Additional fee may be charged for transactions made at a Non-GSL Savings Bank ATM
Replacement of ATM Card $20.00

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