Safe Deposit Boxes

Prices vary according to size
Boxes are available in Guttenberg & Fairview offices.
Lost Key $25.00
Drilling Box $250.00
Late Payment $10.00
*For bank customers only

Stuffing wads of cash between bed mattresses is not a safe way to keep your life savings. Storing your most precious valuables and important documents at home is no different.

GSL Savings Bank offers a range of safe deposit boxes to protect your valuables from fire, damage, or theft. Give yourself added peace of mind with the ultimate protection on our bank vault.

• Wide range of sizes available
• Prices range from $29 to $200 per year
• Boxes are located at both GSL locations
• Accessible during all lobby hours
• Private area for accessing/viewing contents
• Ultimate security for important documents and valuables

The contents of your safe deposit box are not protected against loss by the Bank, and you may wish to secure your own insurance for protection against loss with an insurance company of your own choice. You should keep a complete list and description of all your property stored in your safe deposit box and any available proof of ownership. Subject to availability.

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